Scars are the healing of skin wounds due to accident, injury, operation, skin infections, burn or different reasons with a certain mark. In healing process, hair follicles are damaged and with nourishment impairment hairless areas are formed.

Formation type of the wounds (horizontal or vertical in donor area), wound depth, presence of infection, wound healing are factors affecting the scar formation. Bigger and deeper wounds are prone to leave more scars. The reason for swollen scars in some people despite all kinds of techniques, is being genetically prone.

Some scars are small, easy to hide and not so much visible, while the other are big and distinguishable. In this case, scars are camouflaged partially or completely by transplanting hair to the scarred area with scar revision.
Scars formed due to hair transplantation, are formed due to tissue section extracted with FUT technique, using stample after the operation or using thick punch in prior Fue method. Also the overelasticity of the skin causes the widening of the scars.

Scar revision is the hair transplantation procedure performed on the scar to remove the appearance of this scar. It is a camouflage method and in some cases the thinness may be distinguishable just a bit. The scarred tissue is indurated and with an improper subcutaneous circulation, the new transplanted hair is more difficult to be nourished compared to normal tissue. 
Fue method is one of the leading methods for scar revision. Graft count to be used for scar revision varies based on the length and width of the scar.