One of the most important points of providing natural appearance in hair transplantation, is the true determination of the beginning place of frontal hairline. While determining this line, the forehead-frontal hairline distance must be calculated based on the type of person's hair thinness, type of face ovality, eyebrow-nose, nose-gonion measurements. Frontal hairline usually starts from 7 - 11 cm distance from the mid-point between two eyebrows. Canals to be opened  in frontal hairline must be opened with an acute angle with the skin and by directing toward the front. Canal angles must be widened towards back. In the intersection points of forehead corners and line coming from frontal hairline, canals must be opened with acute angles and also by directing downward. Canal depths and widths must be adjusted equally with the lengths and thicknesses of the grafts. Canals to be opened must not be opened short or deep. If the canals are too short, some parts of the transplanted grafts stay outside of the skin, and the risk of affecting from the environmental factors increases. This means the death of transplanted graft. The thicknesses of the grafts to be transplanted must be same with the canals to be opened. Thick grafts transplanted to a very narrow canal, may cause an unnatural transplantation appearance called "grass man". In vertex transplantations, performing transplantation to canals opened with an appropriate angle, direction and depth by determining the turning points of the hair very well, results in a more natural appearance. And this should be performed by a physician who has knowledge about this matter and esthetical perspective. Remember, you live with your new image for a lifetime.